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Veterans can apply for the V.I.P
(Veterans' Independance Program)

-if they qualify they can receive services such as house cleaning,personal care, meal preperation and more completely free of charge.

Most home insurance companies require that you have a home check while on vacation to continue to assure your property is still covered.

Day By Day can send someone as often as you like to make sure your property is safe and secure while your away.

Preventing Fatal Falls

Falls are one of the greatest health risks for seniors. Every year,one out of every three seniors over the age of 65 will fall, and more than eight out of ten injury-related hospitalizations for seniors are a result of falls.
Three steps you can take to help prevent these falls are:

1.Since most falls occur at home,especially in the kitchen, on the stairs or in the bathroom, take some time to review any potential hazards. Make sure stairs are well-lit, eliminate throw rugs and use non-skid bath mat.

2. Develop a safe program for staying active to help strengthen legs and improve flexibility and balance.

3. Wear slippers with non-skid soles and replace worn or ill-fitiing footwear to prevent tripping.

In case of a fall, have a plan to get help. Consider getting a personal alarm and keep a mobile or cordless phone available at all times.

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